Hugging Animal Plush Doll

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Everyone loves plush dolls, they are cute, soft and colorful. All the qualities which are perfect for babies toys. 

Baby Happy Store proudly presents our plush animal dolls collection. These are high-quality animal plush dolls. They are colorful, adorable and can't wait to become best friends with your little one.

These are the perfect gift for your baby, they are made from soft cotton and have all kinds of hanging edible props keeping your baby entertained and intrigued.

Say hello to our collection which contains 8 lovely and cute animals: Chicken, Lion, Monkey, Rabbit, Elephant, Cow, Pig and Lamb.

As you can see, our colorful animals are AMAZINGLY CUTE, full of smiles, love, and their arms are wide open so they can hug your baby.

Made from 100% BABY-SAFE materials.

Doll Size: 7.9"x13" (20x33 cm)

Pick your baby's new friend from our adorable animal collection and help them get some relief to his teeth growth pains TODAY!

Please allow 2-4 Weeks for delivery (once your item arrives, you will know it was WORTH THE WAIT)