Cute Baby Muslin Blankets - Animals, Fruits and Shapes (Reviews Finished)

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Big blankets are one of those things any newborn's parent uses ALL THE TIME, isn't it so?

Whether we need them as a sun cover for your baby's carrier and stroller, nursery or Baby Burp Bib, we always need them within reach.

We already have so much to carry with us along with our baby, any reduction in the number of things we carry with us will be welcomed with great joy. So these blankets will help you avoid the need to take more than one blanket for 

Our beautiful collection contains 26 beautiful blankets with  amazing colors, shapes, and animals. They are soft, washable, and made of 100% Cotton.

Size: 43.3" x 43.3" (110 x 110 cm).

Choose from our lovely designs and order Today!


Please allow 2-4 Weeks for delivery (once your item arrives, you will know it was WORTH THE WAIT)